You can expect
Relaxation, Exercise, Friendship, Stimulation:

Dancing and music pushing cares away, feels wonderfull!
Healthy aerobic exercise leading to steadily improved fitness.
Exercise and relaxation at the same time.
Mental stimulation
New friends to relax with after the dance.
The fun of working in a group toward the common goal.

It’s all part of a normal Morris evening and has been the way of things for centuries.

If you have a yen to try the Morris, dancing, making music, or both, please come along to our practice sessions and dip a toe in the water. Our members range in age from 10 to, a lot more, both boys and girls.

If you are new to the Morris we have members who were dancing in the 50’s and who are now guiding others through their 1st season, so there is plenty of experience to call on. Hoxon is very much a club for all, where all ages and sexes enjoy the spirit of the dance.
You can find where we practice using the links on our Home page. A ‘phone call or e-mail before you come along will make sure we have the kettle on.