Cotswold Morris

This most recognised form of Morris dancing with handkerchiefs, sticks and bells, has been around since time began and celebrates the rites of spring, the growing of the barleycorn and the prosperity of English country life.


Danced by ladies, Hoxon Hundred’s Garland dancers distinctively create patterns and movements with garlands of summer flowers.

North West

Bright, full of energy and danced by men and women together, the heavyweight marching style originated in the industrial North.

Step Dancing

Hard soled (wooden) clog step dances. Technically exacting, skillfully executed movements produce percussive effects.

Rapper Sword

A complicated ribbon of two ended swords, twisted and interwoven into amazing patterns; it’s a tradition from the coal miners of old. Border Morris Raucous, charging and swinging, these energetic dances originated in the Welsh borders where the miscreants wore tattered coats and blackened their faces to disguise themselves from those they annoyed.
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