article6Hoxon’s dancing is rooted in the traditional style although exactly what is the “correct” way of doing things can be a contentious issue. Fortunately we have a solution:
Mike Barclay has now published his long awaited 2nd edition of Cotswold Notes. The extended edition continues to give the Cotswold dancer a handy, pocket sized and very practical guide to his art. Calling on a lifetime’s experience the reader is presented with a potted history of over 50 years of Cotswold dancing involving 19 of our popular traditions.
For each tradition the text gives historical notes and describes the basic movements followed by instruction for the distnctive figures of selected dances.
Copies are available at £5 via the Contact page of our Hoxon Website.
Submitted by Chris Gibbons on Monday 11 Feb 2013 at 02:59