On Feb. 10th the Hobby Horse (featured in the Feb-April Mardles ) was invited to Cecil Sharp House to join in EFDSS”s 75th anniversary celebrations of the merging of the dance and song societies to form the EFDSSThis year is also the 80th anniversary of the very first folk dance festival to be held in the Royal Albert Hall this event was therefore called The Return of Albert
Four members of Hoxon Hundred Morris accompanied the horse to Camden.

The morning was spent looking at archive material and EFDSS magazines of various events stretching way back in time.
In the afternoon there was a tea dance with displays from various teams that have been associated with the Albert Hall events over the years. The Humberside Egg Dance was very interesting being performed by two blindfolded dancers who had to dance along two rows of eggs (probably hard boiled, the eggs that is) without treading on them let alone bumping into each other. It was very skilfully performed.
The horse, ably ridden by John Grayling and allowed to roam at will during appropriate morris displays,was much admired. Unfortunately the maker Peter Spenceley was not well enough to attend the occasion.

The celebrations continued into the evening but the horse was tired and was returned to its new Suffolk stable.

Hoxon will let the horse loose at various events during the summer so beware and be ready to feed it with money.

submitted by Ron Ross on Tuesday 13 Mar 2007 at 17:15