Dancing at Dawn in Diss

Though there are historical precedents for dancing on May Day, and for individual teams dancing at dawn, the first recorded incident of Morris dancing at dawn on May Day is from 1923. It was in that year that the Oxford Morris Men decided to join the May Day Dawn festivities at Magdalen College. Certainly since then Morris sides all over the country have welcomed in the dawn with dancing and music. For many years Hoxon have awoken the sleeping residents of Fair Green in Diss with the jangling of bells, clashing of sticks and lively folk dance music. This year a bleary eyed crew met at 5 am on Fair Green, formed of 20 members of Hoxon and just a few less of Kenninghall Morris and, of course, the odd yawning spectator. The plan to welcome the rising of the sun went somewhat awry, as it remained covered by heavy cloud. However, our spirits were not dampened and we managed to keep the rain at bay. This was a first time dance out for four new members to the Cotswold dance side and all went very smoothly no doubt due to the excellent tuition throughout the practice season from leader Eammon and our font of all folk knowledge Mike Barclay. The celebration was embelished by a revived, renewed, enthusiastic Colin Wurligig prancing and posing with the audience. At 6 pm we were warmly welcomed at the Angel Café where we all enjoyed a most delicious English breakfast and very good hot cups of coffee and tea. An excellent time was had by all.
Submitted by Jan Robinson 01.05.12 on Wednesday 2 May 2012 at 02:42