100 THINGS TO DO – Winter 2013 /14


Bunny and Louise share a joke at Thornham’s Apple Day

To the outside world it probably appears that the dancers and musicians of Hoxon Hundred have entered the dormant season. Far from it. Autumn and winter are when we retreat to Hoxne Village Hall on a Wednesday nigjht and practice for the coming year. For new members it’s the best time to join us as there is the opportunity to learn and improve away from the public gaze. The normal recipe for the evening might start with step dancing, (looks a bit like tap but I’ll get shot for saying so), a session of Garland, (ladies interweaving with garlands of flowers), or Cotswold, (men and women with sticks or hankies), followed by NW style dancing, (a big drum and lots of precision marching). Not many of us tackle all the dance styles but by the end of the evening we are all ready to relax with a little country dancing before wending our way home, maybe via the Hoxne Swan.
It’s been a fun season for Hoxon and ended with an invitation to dance at the Thornham Apple festival. It was a charity event to raise money for “Beyond The Wall”. Hopefully some of you will remember seeing us there dancing our Cotswold stuff for a very deserving cause. The day was well attended and the audience laughed with us. Refreshments were of the homemade variety and very tasty. Rain threatened but never succeeded in spoiling the day.
If you normally watch or join in our Boxing day shenanigans then please make a note that this coming Boxing day festivities will be at the Hoxne Swan. We shall start our performance around midday and, along with tradtional dancing and singing, we are intending to perform a Mummers play.

For more information about Hoxon Hundred Folk Club; What we do and when we do it please contact

Bunny, 01379 650551, bernicenash@gmail.com or Jan, 01449615569, janbud@live.co.uk 

Chris Gibbons

First published in the Redlingfield and Athelington magazine, November 2013.